Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ultimate Shoe Lust - Selfridges World of Louboutin

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman cannot resist a pair of Louboutin shoes. In fact, buy a woman a pair of beautiful Loubis and watch her weep with joy. Don't believe me, men? Just try it...really, go on...

I have a real love affair with Louboutins because, for me, they are a work of art - from the sexy red sole to the foot-achingly high heel, they are THE ultimate shoe. There's just something about them, something extraordinary, which makes any girl stand proud. Even my hubby agrees with me!

I can still remember buying my first pair. I had just landed a job at the BBC - a job I had worked all my life for - and I desperately wanted to treat myself. Of course, when I want to treat myself, there's only one way to go...

So, I saved up all my money and trundled along to Harvey Nics in my dog-eared Primark flats (true story). I pulled out all my cash, including little bags of pound coins, and I bought the most beautiful pair of black patent, peep toe Mary Janes - with a killer platform heel, naturally.

To this day, they are still my favourite pair of shoes because they meant -that- much to me. I wandered around for the rest of the day hugging the bag tight to my chest. I refused to let go.

Anyway, with this love affair so deeply engrained, I was kinda chuffed that we happened to be in London when the Louboutin 20th Anniversary celebrations rolled into Selfridges yesterday. With an exclusive collection of limited edition shoes for sale, this is a must-see for any fellow shoe feitishist. There are even THE most exquisite handbags, crafted with miniature figurines of the Eiffel Tower, jumpers by Bella Freud and tattoos designed by Mr Louboutin himself.

For some serious shoe inspiration, take a look at these beauties, ladies! Whether you like the classic white bridal shoe, the quirky and colourful designs, or the fetish shoes (and believe me - there are some REAL fetish shoes!), there are a pair (or dozen) of Louboutins to suit every single woman in the world.

So, what are you waiting for?! The display is on in Selfridges in London until April - but you better get a move on as they've nearly all sold out already...

Sam x

The Selfridges window display
Gorgeous nautical striped shoes...these make me think of white, fifties-style prom dresses. Ready to wear with a cocktail in one hand, and the keys to a yacht in another...naturally...
Thigh-high boots - only fifteen pairs of these have been made! I wouldn't even dare to try these on.
Neon zip detail shoe - it's hard to see just how vivid and bright they are in this picture!
Beautiful courts. The yellow ones remind me of buttercups and all things summer, so obviously I had to get them...
Bow detail shoe
These shoes make me want to get married all over again...perfect for any brides-to-be!
Gorgeous metallic bow details, with invisible straps
Bella Freud for Louboutin knitted body
Men's boots, decorated with rubbish...yes, really!
Sexy lace boots
Gingham studded slippers for the man in your life
Handbag heaven...look at the strap detail! Miniature shoes. These handbags sold out within hours...

These boots were like miniature works of art - hand-painted

It's all in the detail...beautiful lace bag