Saturday, 30 June 2012

Little Black Book - Jade Devall Designs

I found Jade Devall's gorgeous website with thanks to Domestic Sluttery's Pinterest account (warning: only click on that link if you're prepared to drool over a lot of lovely things!)

It's full of beautiful gift cards, ceramics and textiles to brighten your home, with all the prints guaranteed to make you smile - they're whimsical, cute and very, very English. Better still, Jade works from her studio in Staffordshire, with every ceramic piece decorated by hand - how lovely is that?

I especially love the cake stands in the bird line print and will definitely be adding them to my ever-growing ceramics collection!


Sam x

P.S Be sure to enter the discount code 'cake' to get 15% off all orders!

Bird line cake stand, £60
Sewing cake stand, £60
Owl cake plate, £16.50
Bikes cake plate, £16.50

Bicycle mug, £12.95
Houses flower jug, £38.50
Polka dot sugar bowl, £21.50
Bikes teacup and saucer, £22.50
Bikes cushion, £58
Houses cushion, £58
Gift card, £2.25