Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dos and Don'ts of a Wedding Guest

This afternoon I am discussing the Dos and Don'ts of the Wedding Guest. I have attended many weddings and unfortunately not everyone shows respect to the wedding hosts. Below is a little guide of wedding guest etiquette.

Teresa x


Firstly, do RSVP to the wedding invitation as soon as possible. Nothing worse than having to chase up people who have still not replied.

Do dress to impress, but do not try to upstage the bride.

Do arrive to the wedding ceremony on time. It doesn't look good if you walk in after the bride.

Do switch off your mobile phone during the ceremony.

Do be respectful of cultural or religious traditions.

Do remember to take the confetti.

Do sing along with the hymns in church, there's nothing worse than a full church and everyone mumbling their way through. Make the effort.

Do talk to everyone else on your table at the wedding breakfast, make the effort and get to know others.

Do show your appreciation and say thank you for being invited to share the special day.

Do be on your best behaviour and chat to the bride's Great Aunt Gladys who might be on her own and has no one to talk to.

Do get up on the dance floor in the evening and enjoy yourselves.

Do have fun!


Ladies - Do not wear white, ivory or cream. Also, try to find out the colour of bridesmaid dresses too and make sure you don't wear that colour either.

Men - don't turn up in a casual outfit. You must wear shirt, tie and trousers (preferably a suit) unless the invitation states otherwise (i.e. beach wedding)

Don't get in the way of the photographer because you want to take a photo of the bride and groom.

Don't start hassling the photographer with questions on how to improve your photo-taking techniques and certainly don't ask him/her about their cameras. They are there to do a job, they are not camera support staff.

Don't complain to the bride or groom that your meal was not up to scratch.

In fact, don't moan about anything, it's just rude.

Don't get up and go to the toilet or pop outside for a cigarette break as the speeches start.

Don't upload your photos to Facebook without the newlyweds consent. They might want to share the first pic.

Don't clear off home early unless you are ill and nobody wants to catch your germs.

Don't get ridiculously drunk. People will always remember the person who vomited everywhere and had to be carried to bed. Not good!