Sunday, 17 June 2012

NOT Into This

1.    Not having a clue what to buy a person for their birthday. My son Max is impossible to buy for. I
        asked him earlier this week what he would like. His answer "Lots of cheese please".

2.    Next time you go to buy some foundation or tinted moisturiser from the high street please take a
        look at the choices of shades for darker skins. Yeah, there isn't much. Some brands such as Bobbi
        Brown do provide a great range but your more common cheaper brands do not. I was disgusted
        when my friend told me she can't buy any foundation even slightly near to her skin colour. So, I
        took her shopping and I was astounded, other than the high end more expensive make up ranges
        there really isn't a good enough range for all darker skin shades.

3.    People who look at you like you are a criminal when you place your items too close to theirs on
        the conveyor belt at supermarket checkout. And if you start loading your items on without placing
        the divider in between first, you will get an almighty dirty look from them. Gosh the shame!

4.    Finding the perfect birthday card and there's no sodding envelope! Do you know what I do? I find
        a similar sized card and take one of their envelopes.

5.    Shopping for a new bra is always a challenging activity when you have to sift through the bras to
       find your size and them silly poky coat hangers are all tangled up as well as the price tags all
       entwined together too. Aagh!

6.    Emptying the vacuum cleaner. I still haven't found a way of shaking it into my dustbin without
        inhaling the dusty matter and usually getting a fine shower of said dust. Yuck.

7.    People who read out aloud when writing a letter or email. Hello! I am trying to concentrate
        and your incessant self-dictation is driving me up the wall.

8.    Being asked for your telephone number/account number AFTER you have already entered it in
        using the keypad on your phone. I thought you were supposed to enter that info so you can be
        "better assisted"?

9.    Having to hear how Kate Middleton is recycling certain items from her wardrobe. Well bravo, you
        are wearing something more than once like the rest of us. AND???

10.  The only time I can never find my car keys or my house keys is when it is hammering it down with
        rain. Fact. I am stood getting drenched searching through my handbag for a good few minutes
        looking like a drowned rat. I want to know how my keys seem to hide only when it is torrential

This made me chuckle…..

Source: via Chiara on Pinterest

Hope you are having a great weekend

Teresa x

P.S.  I found my keys in my coat pocket!