Sunday, 10 June 2012

NOT Into This

1.    Talking to people and they have got food around their mouth or stuck in their teeth. Or worse, they
        chew with their mouth open.

2.    Renewal of car insurance is a right pain in the ass. I find it very offensive that your receive a renewal
        notice from your current insurer trying to rip you off with a much higher price and how they will
        automatically renew without you having to do anything. And if like me you then enter your details
        into their website for a new car insurance quote you will always find it to be at least £100 cheaper.

3.    Going shopping when you have hardly any money and you see so many new clothes and shoes you
        would love to have but simply cannot afford them. The next occasion when you do actually have
        some money and you go shopping you cannot find anything you like. I think they call it 'Sod's Law'.

4.    Dropping your iPhone down the toilet. Don't ask! It had all of my appointments set in it and I haven't
        got a clue what day or at what time I am meant to be somewhere.

5.    Girls who pout a lot. Sultry, sexy or seductive you aint! You look like a twat.

6.    One of your bra straps falls off your shoulder and you are wearing a buttoned up shirt, under a coat
        and you cannot pull the strap back up so you have to walk down the street feeling like one of your
        boobs is having a flap about until you get to somewhere private and tighten your strap back up.

7.    Poorly people who cough near you and never put their hand to their mouth.

8.     People with poor umbrella etiquette. Yes, that's my eye you almost gouged out.

9.     Trying to open a Chupa Chups lollipop. Have you tried to open one of these things? Man, they are

10.  I now have to share this sad news with you all. Tonight is the final episode of Desperate Housewives.
        I have followed this show every year since it commenced and I am a devout fan. I am distraught that
        it has come to an end. Farewell Wisteria Lane.

Much sadder news is that only weeks after the final episode was aired in America Kathryn Joosten, aged 72, who played the character Karen McKluskey in Desperate Housewives passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. If you ever watched this amazing actress then you will know how ace she was; even more so because it was her decision for her character to die in the final episode from lung cancer to hopefully raise awareness with the viewers.

Teresa x