Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness

Want to know where the best vintage shops are hidden? Where you can go for a manicure that lasts TWO weeks? Or perhaps you're looking for a super chic hotel, wedding ideas, or a glamorous cocktail bar. Well then, what better way to celebrate the oncoming weekend than to put up your feet, sip on a cuppa, devour a cupcake and read The Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness by Bethanie Lunn?

Since winning this book on the fabulous Pouting for Heels blog, it has pretty much become my bible. Perfect to carry around in your handbag, it is THE ultimate directory for any modern girl, and I guarantee that you need it on your coffee table, like right now.

Written as a witty A-Z, the book pinpoints the most fabulous things across the country for girls-in-the-know. And, like many of these guides, it isn't just London-centric - it covers a whole array of cities across the UK.

Many of the suggested places (think shops, bars and restaurants) are hidden gems which I'd never heard of before, and make everyday life a whole lot easier (and more glam!). There are also useful hints and tips on everything you could ever possibly want to know, whether you're a fashionista, a manic mum, a businesswoman or a party girl / student.

I guarantee that after reading this book, you will develop a bit of a girl crush on Bethanie. A writer, presenter and basically one-woman brand, she is pretty damn inspirational - and if she recommends me something, I want to check it out!

I know for a fact that I will refer back to this little book time and time again. And if Elle McPherson describes it as her little black book, then it's good enough for me...

Sam x

You can buy The Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness from Amazon here