Sunday, 3 June 2012

NOT INTO THIS - Party Poopers

Many of you shall be partaking in the Jubilee celebrations and you may not be overjoyed with the prospect of having to celebrate with neighbours in a street party. As nice as it is to come together as a community and share in the spirit of the moment we all know there could be those certain types of people who just rub you up the wrong way. Here are my predictions of some of the infamous party poopers which may attend your party:


These are a common sight at parties nowadays. Anti-social people huddled up with their phones texting like they have something better to do than be here right now. So rude!

I love the idea of having a basket for everyone to put their phones in so there are no rude texters. How awful that we have to do this though? Why can't people just put their phones away when they're socialising?

Happy Snappers

Now we dread these ones the most because you know any photos/videos which are taken could quite easily end up on Facebook or Youtube and you won't get the chance to vet them beforehand.

Keeping Up With The Joneses
Yep, there will be a couple there who feel they are above you all. They have the best, they are the best and they will make sure you know it. However, you just sit there listening to their twaddle thinking "What pricks!" These insecure types cannot help themselves but to brag about their child's amazing grades at school, how their husband earns lots of money, the fantastic holidays they have every year and how much their new refurbishment cost. Yawn! It's sad that people think you will be in awe of them.

Boozy Parents

Now these ones make me cringe the most. They will be there swigging back the drink without a care in the world. They won't take much notice of their children, the only thing they will say to them is "Go and play!" They will have a moment of euphoria where they will try and grab anyone and everyone up for a dance. You will sit there and pray they don't come over to you. An hour later you will find them asleep with their head on a table and you will then end up making sure they and their children will get home safely.


Shy and Awkward

These people are infuriating to talk to. They are the unsociable. Trying to strike up a conversation with them is like pulling teeth. They only talk in one syllable, usually yes, no or a polite nod, shrug or smile. You try to make them feel welcome because they look awkward but after 10 minutes you just have to give up.


You may see one of these during your party. They will start of the evening looking very pissed off because their parents have made them come to the party and they really could be doing something better. They won't dance or join in any of the games because that's for kids. They will sit and stare at their phones waiting for a text or a Facebook notification. Later on in the evening they will then realise this is a great opportunity to have an alcoholic drink. They will soon spot the stash of alcopops and sneakily drink a few and spend the rest of the evening being sick or crying because their boyfriend has dumped them via Facebook chat earlier.



This will be a couple who arrive late because the woman has had a dicky fit before leaving the house because she cannot find anything to wear. Her bed will be covered in outfits strewn all over it as her husband sits patiently downstairs out of harm's way. She will eventually appear from the bedroom huffing and puffing "Let's just go, I know I look awful but we're late now so this will have to do."
They will arrive at the party, wife very much overdressed with her hair and make-up perfectly done and the husband trudging in behind her. He will be wanting to enjoy himself but knows he can't because wifey might have a strop if he doesn't attend to all of her needs throughout the evening.

If you know of any other type of party poopers which you have witnessed at any celebration then let us know. We love to hear all of your stories.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend celebrating the Jubilee.

Teresa x