Monday, 18 June 2012

Product Lust - Dr Hauschka's Lemon Bath

I've got a super hero of a product to share with you today - one which I am madly in love with and reordering as I type! Well, not quite as I type, but you get the idea.

Dr Hauschka's Lemon Bath is an all-round wonder product. Not only does it smell like heaven, but it can be used to: perk up your bath (obviously), to steam your face and blitz those pesky impurities, to cool you down during hot weather (ha! What hot weather?) and to combat cellulite. How brilliant is that?

And, better still, I've learned that it gives a damn good foot bath - brilliant when I'm nearly 28 weeks pregnant!

Since being sent this product, I've become addicted to baths. My husband has become a bath time widower because I love nothing more than locking myself away and enveloping myself in the light, fresh, citrus aroma - it's incredibly soothing and relaxing, and I always step out the bath feeling about ten times lighter (pretty much mission impossible when you feel like a whale anyway)

In fact, the only way that this product could be better is if it did all your cooking, cleaning and ironing too...

Sam x