Sunday, 1 July 2012

NOT Into This - 10 Moans of the Week

1.    I somehow manage to accidentally pull one of the cords on a hood and it is ten times longer than
        the other cord. I cannot get it to go back in and for both cords to then measure the same length. So,
        now the hooded top has one cord extremely longer than the other. Looks stupid.

2.    Have you seen the TV show called 'Man V Food'? If you have never had an eating disorder you
        will after watching this revolting programme. My children think the whole idea of a man having to
        eat the most horrendous portion of food is great entertainment. I, on the other hand, am sat hiding
        my face behind a cushion heaving throughout.

3.    Can you believe some people have not used a pen and paper in months? Shocking isn't it?
        Apparently this is causing people's handwriting to deteriorate. Thankfully, I am not included in
        these statistics. Hmmm - maybe the punishment of having to do lines needs to make a comeback!

4.    Trying to refold a map back to its original booklet size. I simply cannot do it.

5.     Frequently going to the supermarket and forgetting my reusable shopping bags. I always feel like
         an eco-criminal when I have to ask the cashier for some carrier bags. The shame.

6.     People who go to throw something into a bin, miss and then just leave it on the

7.     Never learning from the fact that when I have a thread hanging from an item of clothing that I
         should not pull it. I never fetch the scissors and cut if off - no, I always pull it thinking it will
         break off immediately and it doesn't. Instead, I just pull more thread out of the garment.

8.     People reminding you that it is Christmas in less than 6 months time. Go away, my bank balance
         still hasn't recovered from last Christmas.

9.     Fetching a trolley to use at the supermarket and it has debris inside it. It somehow makes the
         trolley feel dirty and used.

10.    Ladies who do the side-boobage thang. Put a bra on please! Bo from The Voice really should
          have thought twice before venturing out in this outfit. Saggy tits are sooooo not a good look!

Source - Daily Mail

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