Sunday, 24 June 2012

NOT Into This

1.    Hate it when people make that dreadful sound by gripping or rubbing their fingers onto a balloon
        and making you think they are going to pop it.

2.    The fact Johnny Depp still hasn't called since he split from Vanessa Paradis……I have been sat
        here patiently waiting.

3.     When you are waiting for a table to become available in a restaurant and there will be a group of
         people who have clearly finished, paid their bill and just sit there chatting.

4.    People who do not wear a helmet when cycling on a main road to and from work everyday. I
        cannot understand why you would want to put yourselves in such danger. Mental! Oh and can I
        add, it does tend to be the much older men 50+ who refrain from protecting their heads.

5.    My children drawing pictures with their fingers on the condensation of the car windows. Then they
        scrub it all out and I am left with a smeary messy looking window.

6.    People who sit clicking their pens. Very annoying!

7.    Being sat near to the toilets in a restaurant. Yuck, I do not wish to see people coming and going to
        the toilet. It bothers me because I know half of them will not have washed their hands.

8.    When you literally 'eat' another person's perfume or aftershave. Why do some people bathe in the
        stuff? It makes me want to wretch.

9.    That moment you climb out of a swimming pool and you know you need to pull your bikini
        bottoms or swimsuit out from your bottom. It's very difficult to do this discreetly.

10.   Men who over pluck their eyebrows


I am not saying men shouldn't pluck their eyebrows, especially if you are giving Noel Gallagher a run for his money. But please men, only pluck the hairs to avoid the monobrow, do not touch anything else! You look stupid, too groomed and quite frankly, very unattractive!

Oh and don't even get me started on women who pencil eyebrows in way above their brow line, what's that all about???

Teresa xx