Saturday, 9 June 2012

Little Black Book - I Love Retro

I would have picked I Love Retro for this week's Little Black Book for this amazing Vespa rocker alone. I wish that I had a niece or nephew to buy this for because it is fab! Maybe I should just buy it for myself...

Anyway, if you haven't visited I Love Retro before now, it's definitely worth a visit. Jam-packed with interesting, quirky bits and pieces, you won't be disappointed. The Baroque lamps (available in a rainbow of colours) would make a gorgeous addition to side tables, while the metallic, classic telephone needs to be in my hallway RIGHT NOW.

Although expensive, some of the furniture is to die for - just don't tell me if you order any of it as I will be green with envy. Finally, check out the huge selection of vintage prints, which would look fabulous on the wall of any home. I love the pin-up 'Beauty Parade' one especially!

Sam x