Sunday, 27 May 2012


What a glorious week this has been and we are SO INTO the fantastic sunshine! Fingers crossed we get another week of sun, sun, sun.

Of course, Sundays are the day of our moans, rants and gripes, so without further ado, here's this week's NOT INTO this:

1.     Soap dispensers being empty in public toilets so you try using the next soap dispenser which is also

2.     Having not packed my mascara in my make-up bag the other week I had to do a desperate dash to a
         high street chemist to buy myself a replacement. Unfortunately the choices were minimal and I
         plonked for L'Oreal Telescopic mascara. It's crap. In fact, it's beyond crap, it is hideous. Worst
         mascara I have ever purchased.

3.     Leather car seats on a hot sunny day = sticky back of thigh and knee and a black car seat stained by
         the greasy suntan lotion.

4.     Growing out a hairstyle. As you may know I had my hair cut short some time ago and it has grown
         quite a lot. Unfortunately for me, when I grow out a hairstyle I tend to get a fathead. Seriously, I am
         donning a clubhead style at the mo. Not long now until my next hair appointment, I am counting
         down the days.

5.     Sunburn. There is no excuse for it. Wear sun protection! I have seen many ladies this week who are
         sunburnt who are then wearing a lower cut top the following day so they can colour in the
         non-sunburnt parts of skin. Mental! And don't even get me started on the people who are hellbent on
         looking like one of these weirdos

6.     Who are the freaks who wear opaque tights on a hot sunny day? And then some folk are even
         wearing a thick coat! Completely baffles me.

7.      Worst thing I have heard this week is a senior UK Athletics official saying that the 2012 heptathlon
          hopeful Jessica Ennis was ‘fat’ and carrying ‘too much weight’. FAT? Are you kidding me?

8.      Eurovision - yet another embarrassing entry from the United Kingdom. Engelbert Humperdinck.
          He came second from last just above Norway, how awful to know Jedward beat you.
9.      Adverts which say "new and improved". Well, correct me if I am wrong but if it is NEW then how
          on earth can it be improved?

10.    I saw an article earlier this week which made me cringe, a lot! UGGS have brought out a range of
          boots specifically for your wedding day. Unless you were getting married in an ice hotel I really
          cannot see how or why a bride would want to wear these on her feet. And the fluffy flip flops?

Source - UGG

And after bringing my breakfast back up on the sight of this ghastly bridal footwear I shall now retire to my back garden for another day of sunshine fun with my children. 

Teresa x