Monday, 7 May 2012

Totally Tropical Nails with Miners

I do love my bright nail varnishes. Just one sweep of a tropical, punchy colour on my nails and I'm ready for summer holidays and lazy days spent around a pool (it really doesn't take a lot to get me in the mood for a holiday!)

So you can imagine my delight when Miners Cosmetics' new bright and and breezy polishes landed on my doorstep. In mouthwatering shades of tangerine, aqua, lemon and flamingo pink, these polishes are just the ticket for getting you right into the summer spirit - and they only cost £2.99 each!

My absolute favourite, Keepin' it Teal, is a gorgeous shade of aqua, which instantly made me think of a clear blue ocean stretching out into the horizon. Oh, and perhaps a Blue Lagoon cocktail or two... 

Anyway, just two coats of this and my nails were totally transformed and ready for a holiday in the sun. Just a shame I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, hey?

The Mango Tango colour (a vivid orange shade) was also a total stand-out for me. Inspired by Carmen Miranda's famous edible hat, this is the perfect nail varnish to pep up your toes for bikini season - and I loved it! I usually wear a coral shade on the beach, so this would make a great change for me.

If you like those colours, check out the rest of Miners' stunning summer range - there's Sunny Side Up (reminiscent of Mulberry's gorgeous lemon yellow Holiday Bayswater bag) for any sunshine lovers, while Marshmallow and Jezebel are two fab pink shades for brightening your tootsies.