Sunday, 20 May 2012


1.     A strand of long hair in the sink, especially in public toilets. Ewww.

2.     People singing along to music when they clearly do not know the words. Even worse, when they
         sing the bit they do know out of tune.

3.     When somebody uses the last of something and then places the empty carton back in the cupboard.

4.     When you have an itch on the bottom of your foot but you cannot scratch it because you are wearing

5.     Running after a ping pong ball, it is really difficult to catch it.

6.     People who say "The fact of the matter is…" or "At the end of the day…"

7.     The leaflets they hide amongst pages of newspapers and magazines. We have enough junk mail as it
         is without you giving us more crap to get rid of.

8.     Watching a television program which isn't Sky +'d so you have to endure the lengthy breaks of
         advertisements. Due to now being a habit you still try and fast forward them to much annoyance.

9.     Having to pay for car parking at hospitals. I think it's terrible to make money from people who
        could be going through a traumatic time, whether that be as a patient or as a visitor.

10.   Conifer trees. Hate the ruddy things! I do not have any in my back garden but unfortunately my next
         door neighbour does, exactly the other side of the boundary fence. This means any plants I try to
         grow on my side of the fence all struggle to grow or even blossom because his bleedin' conifers are
         greedily taking all the goodness. And conifers are ugly!


Yours with nice plants having to be grown in pots around my garden.

Teresa x