Thursday, 24 May 2012

Budget Buys for Fashionistas at

Whenever I get an email from Kurt Geiger with the offer of 'bargains', I usually have to contain both myself and my credit card. Let's face it, however expensive the shoes were to start with, £150 still isn't quite a bargain (I say this, yet I still pay full whack for KG...I am an addict)

But when Kurt Geiger directed me to the brilliant Shoeaholics website, I was pleasantly surprised. Delirious, in fact! Michael Kors wedges for £15! Ash wedge hi-tops for £19! Handbags from £5!!

While much of it is winter stock and many are ex-display items, there are plenty of bargains to be had and a lot of summer sandals on offer - and I think we can all afford a treat (or  three) from here.

Sam x

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