Tuesday, 1 May 2012

BODHI On Your Body

A few weeks ago Samantha and myself were very fortunate to be contacted by Bodhi asking whether we would like to try one of their products. Well, of course, we jumped at the chance and then sat for many minutes staring at our computer screens trying to choose what to have. Believe me, this was difficult!

Eventually, I chose Jasmine Falls Relaxing Bath & Shower therapy because I needed something to relax, unwind and this was described as having an ….euphoric aroma of Jasmine Absolute, Lavender and Vetyver. This potent brew is designed to help de-stress, soothe the mind and promote a sense of well-being.

Samantha picked the Rosemary Chi Bath and Shower therapy, which promises to "Revive the mind and sharpen the senses with our synergy of Rosemary, Geranium, Petitgrain and Cedarwood oils. Unassumingly balancing, it helps restore harmony and keeps body and mind in perfect equilibrium. Skin is balanced and revived. Senses are awakened and clarified."

Days later I received a very, very pretty box and inside I also received the Jasmine Falls body moisturiser along with a bottle of Palmarosa Verde bath & shower therapy too. Like any other person does, I quickly unscrewed each bottle and took a sniff……woah this was some potent stuff! Samantha said the same about the Rosemary Chi, yet each one smelled absolutely delicious. Yep, I was definitely going to be encountering a full-on relaxing aroma when I took my next bath.

That evening, I gladly ran myself a bath and poured a bit of the Jasmine Falls in with the running water and was pleasantly surprised to smell the aroma was less potent and in the words of Goldilocks - "It was just right!"

Now, I am going to be very honest here, when I review a product I only write about the ones which knock my socks off and Bodhi has done just that because not only is it free from harsh synthetics but it is now my miracle cure.

I have always had dry skin on my legs. You know when you pull up your 80 denier tights and you look down at your shins to see a scatter of dry skin dust - well that's me! Actually, that WAS me because Bodhi seems to have eradicated my dry leg issue. So, this is now my absolute favourite item in my bathroom.

The lotion I used was just as heavenly and again gave my dry skinned limbs a run for their money. So, my many years of slathering on of Vaseline Intensive Care or Palmer Cocoa Butter have now ended. I shall be using Bodhi.

Teresa x