Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday Food Lust - Homemade Chicken Burgers with Avocado Mayo

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Sorry if I seem to have come over a bit Man vs. Food, but I LOVE a good burger. Rump steak burgers, cheese burgers, quarter pounders, burgers grilled on the's  making me drool just thinking about it. 

Apologies to the veggies out there, but I think that most people agree with me - when you're in the mood for one, you just cannot beat a burger. Yet, however much I love them, I never seem to be able to finish one - they're just too heavy for me! 

So, with that in mind, I have long been searching for the perfect solution. A burger which isn't too stodgy, and one which I can whip up at home in no time at all. 

Anyway, you can imagine how happy I was when I spied this recipe for Chicken Burgers with Avocado Mayonnaise at the checkout in Waitrose! especially since I seem to have been craving rather a lot of avocados right now...Weird, huh? I always assumed I'd be craving ice cream and chips when I was pregnant.

Anyway, I was so happy to find this recipe that I annoyed all the posh people in the queue behind me by doing a U-turn and quickly racing around the shop once again to gather together all the ingredients.

This is a great burger to eat at lunch. And, if you want to be super healthy, just take out the bun and crisps.


Sam x

(Serves 4)

400g pack chicken breast chunks
70g pack diced pancetta
1 small onion very finely chopped
1 tbsp rosemary, finely chopped
1 essential baby avocado, halved and stoned
2 tbsp mayonnaise
4 ciabatta rolls, split
50g bag wild rocket
150g bag sea salt hand cooked crisps


1)  Place the chicken in a food processor and blitz it up until finely minced. Add the pancetta, onion and rosemary and pulse once or twice until well mixed but not minced.

2) This is the bit that I HATE. I always have to get hubby to do this for me because I hate touching raw chicken! I know, I'm weird...

Shape the mixture into four even-sized cakes. Cook under a medium grill for 6 - 7 minutes each side or in a griddle or frying pan for 5 minutes on each side until golden brown and cooked through with no pink meat.

3) Meanwhile, you can mash together the avocado and mayonnaise to form a lovely topping. When they're ready, Transfer the burgers to a warm plate and quickly toast the inside of the ciabatta rolls.

4) Pile some rocket on the base of each toasted bun and sit a burger on top. Spoon over the avocado mayonnaise and position the lid on top. Serve swiftly with a handful of crunchy crisps on the side.