Sunday, 13 May 2012

NOT Into this

1.   That stupid, stupid, stupid TV advert which features a miniature dog perched in a ring box singing to
      some woman. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT.

2.   The smell of hospital food. I really cannot understand how they can serve this crap to the patients. It
      doesn't matter what you order to eat, it all tastes and smells the same, like sh*t! If I owned a restaurant
      chain I would position my restaurants next door to every hospital in the UK. You would make a lot of

3.   Having to wait until late 2013 to see Christian Louboutin's new beauty line. What a tease telling us

4.   Children having to sit SATS exams next week. My son is so nervous it has made him very poorly.
       Young children do not need this kind of pressure.

5.    Finding it really annoying when cashiers in shops give you your change on top of the till receipt. And
        to really kick it up a notch of annoyance, you have got your hands full with bags of shopping, there's
        a queue behind you and then you drop the coins on the floor.

6.    Getting to the till to pay for something and realising the money you had in your purse has been
        swiped by your husband.

7.    I am hating roadworks right now. For some reason where I live they are doing roadworks on every
        route in and out of our town. Genius planning!

8.    The lighting in changing rooms can be so awful; I either look like a heroin addict or I've got jaundice.

9.    Buffets. Unless I am the first person to get to the buffet table before anyone else I cannot eat anything
        from the food on display. People before you will go up and touch every sandwich, pick something
        up and put it back, OR worse they'll sneeze or cough over the unprotected food items.

10.  This front cover of the Time magazine has sent chills down my spine when I saw it earlier this week.
        It's not the issue of a woman breastfeeding a young child which disturbs me, it's the fact this young
        boy will be haunted by this picture when he gets older.


See you here next Sunday for my weekly moan.

Teresa x