Saturday, 12 May 2012

Our Little Black Book - POP the Fashion Store

We don't normally feature fashion stores on our little black book feature, but this one is SO good that we just had to share it with you...I know, I know, we're too kind!

Anyway, we guarantee that if you haven't checked out POP the Fashion Store already, then it will fast become one of your favourite shops. Based in Olney, Milton Keynes, it is a gorgeous boutique and online store, brimming with unique clothes from independent labels and up and coming designers.

Launched within the past few weeks by the very lovely Kaisa Larkas, POP has fast become one of our new favourites. And for good reason, too - not only is Kaisa a mum-of-three AND a shop owner, but she is also a fashion PR and a journalist (pretty much a super hero!), so she really knows her stuff. She could educate anyone in cool, quirky labels. Better still, many of the labels Kaisa sells are ethical too, so you can shop (relatively) guilt-free!

POP is the perfect place to pick up quality, designer goods without breaking the bank OR spotting someone else wearing the same thing!

Here are some of our favourite picks...

Sam x

Auli dress, £135
Aura shirt, £85

Boyfriend blazer, £95
Cape Dress, £85
Karoliina top, £110
D2 Finsk shoe, £272
D8 by Finsk shoe, £222

Skin by Finsk wedge, £287
Gypsum clutch bag, £90
Harlow double zip clutch, £135
Novak bag, £195
Anubis necklace, £75
Count Your Confessions bracelet, £50
Nyctaridae earrings, £25