Sunday, 15 July 2012

What 10 Things Have Been Bugging Us This Week?

1.    People who become impatient when driving behind a learner driver. We all had to learn to drive
       once upon a time, how would you have felt with another car driver becoming infuriated with you,
       overtaking you and causing you a distraction? These impatient drivers could quite easily cause an
       accident, such thoughtless thugs!

2.    The blue printed dress which Pippa Middleton wore to the men's finals at Wimbledon last Sunday.
        It did not fit her properly.

3.    People who don't get their cats neutered. I have got a tom cat who keeps spraying up my front
        door and it stinks! He walks along the fence in my back garden with his balls swinging around
        waiting for the next female cat to jump on.

4.    HATE the Safe Style windows advert "ya buy one ya get one free !" Definitely drives me
        beyond insane.                  

5.    People who dress their pet dogs up in fancy dresses, hats and silly shoes. It's a dog not a doll!

6.    Singers/rappers who hold onto their penis like a toddler desperate for a wee wee.

7.    Waiting in a car park for a space to become available and eventually someone will return to their
        car to leave but decide to do their hair, make-up or take a phone call before driving off.

8.    Too frightened to throw an item away from your 'junk' drawer because one day you might need
        that spare radiator key, scart lead, old phone charger, the christmas fairy light bulb, the screwdriver
        from a christmas cracker or a random shoe lace. You know just in case! So, the junk drawer will
        always remain.

9.    I am not at all impressed with the Daily Mail picking on Debbie Harry this week (click here to
        read their bitchy article). Debbie Harry is ace. Period! She's an icon. I adore her. How dare they
        ridicule such an amazing lady.

10.  Famous footballers swearing during a match which any viewer can clearly lip read, more
        importantly a child will be able to see and understand. I find it disgusting that these highly paid
        celebrities cannot keep their foulmouthed shouting to themselves. Yes, we could blame it on their
        emotions but I can't accept that as an excuse. I'm sure they never speak to their mother like that
        and there will have been occasion when emotions ran high when they are in the company of their
        mother but they knew to show respect.

It's about time these certain footballers show respect to their younger fans and keep their f-words
and THAT c-word to themselves.

Have a great day everyone!

Teresa x