Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dress To Impress On Your Honeymoon

With all this glorious sunshine and record temperatures I have been looking around for some essential items for your honeymoon. Without doubt, you newlywed ladies will want something to ooze a bit more glamour for your husband after your wedding day.

I have found some stunning frocks at various shops and you will be really impressed with our new image slideshow here on the blog. A sideways scrolling feature so you can look at all the items and even click on what you fancy to take a closer look. Yes, aren't we getting all super-de-duper technical?

Firstly, why not get yourselves a designer dress for a fraction of the cost at The Outnet

If you are wanting to splash out for your honeymoon then get yourself over to Net-a-Porter to indulge

Oasis is a great shop for buying an outfit to show off your amazing svelte figure which you worked hard to achieve for your wedding day. You've got to show it off on your honeymoon, right?

Trying to save some pennies after the big day? Then head over to ASOS who have coolness on every page of their website. You are sure to find something special for your honeymoon.

Not only will you need a wonderful wardrobe full of gorgeous outfits for your honeymoon but you will most likely need to update your make-up bag. I hope you have got a very large make-up bag because I would be packing every single one of these items to ensure I looked effortlessly beautiful on a honeymoon.

One thing you shouldn't need to take with you on a holiday abroad is a heavy foundation and any fake eyelashes. They will all slide off your face as you melt in the heat. Not a good look. Stick to enhancing what you have got and buy make up products which will be luminous, light and allow your skin to breathe in the tropical temperatures.

You are going to need a lot of protection for your skin and your hair and will need some super hydrating treatments so you don't look like Captain Caveman by the end of your holidays. Here's some definite must-haves which will keep you glowing like a princess.

All we need to do now is find some pretty heels, oooh now that won't be a chore, will it?  I have put together some flats, sandals and stunning heels for you.

All of these beautiful items make me want to go on a fancy-schmancy holiday with my husband. I just hope I will come under the 20kg suitcase limit once I have packed it all.

Have a great day in the sunshine.

Teresa x