Sunday, 8 July 2012

NOT INTO THIS - 10 Weekly Gripes

1.    Staying in a hotel in York last weekend and being told by the manager that the room I was in was
        John McCririck's favourite and he stayed in it every time he was visiting York. Yeah, I didn't want
        to stay in that room after being told that information!

2.    Couples which snog a little too much in public. It's very uncomfortable when you are sat opposite a
        pair of snoggers for a whole train journey.

3.    Horrid people who think it is funny to drive through a puddle and drench any pedestrians near by.

4.    Am I the only person who has issues with venetian blinds? For starters, I always seem to pull the
        wrong cord for raising the blinds and end up opening the slats, and when I do find the right cord I
        only manage to raise the left hand side of the bloody thing. I am then stuck with a wonky blind
        which won't budge.

5.    After seeing Andy Murray's underwhelming response to winning the semi-final on Friday
        afternoon I can only hope that if he is to win the mens singles at Wimbledon today that he will
        try and at least give us a smile. You know, look pleased with his efforts!

6.     DUST! Hate the stuff, it doesn't matter how much I remove the dust with my yellow duster or e-
         cloth every day it's back there within a few hours. Scientists need to develop a mechanism which
         will omit dust forever.

7.     Cannot stand the fact that holiday companies bump their prices up when it's the school holidays.
         Many parents cannot take their kids away on a holiday because it's so darn expensive. And don't
         get me started on having to arrange childcare for a full six weeks every summer when you have a
         full time job.

8.     People who slurp their drinks. Please be quiet and sip.

9.     Incorrect use of apostrophes.

10.  These awful talon-like nails which various female celebrities seem to have. I think Lady Gaga was
        the first one to start this trend which has now been adopted by Jessie J, Rihanna and Lana Del
        Rey. These dagger fingers could seriously have someone's eye out, let alone scratch your iPhone  
        screen when trying to text a friend. And how on earth does a girl moisturise her skin without
        requiring stitches afterwards?

Right, I'm off to have some fun before I sit down to watch miserable Murray play Federer in the mens finals. I really do want Murray to win but his lack of personality makes it difficult for me to support him.

Keep smiling everyone

Teresa x