Wednesday, 18 July 2012

20 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Source - Whitley Hall

One of the first things you need to do when planning a wedding is find the perfect venue. This is the one area where you are going to spend the most money and you will want to get it right. You need to be thinking with your head and not with your heart. As tough as this may sound you need to be prepared for every venue you visit to ensure you are going to get exactly what you want.

Prepare a list of questions you are going to ask at each venue and also a list of things you need to look for. Here's some helpful tips and questions to ask:

Find out the dates available for the time of year you are planning to be wed.

If they do hold a license for civil ceremonies, what authority do they come under and can they supply names and contact details for the registrar?

How do you feel about the wedding co-ordinator? Do you have confidence in them to organise your wedding day to run exactly how you want it to be? You will be dealing with the wedding co-ordinator from beginning to end of your wedding planning.

Take a good look at the decor and the layout of the venue, will it make a great backdrop to all of your wedding photos?

Take lots of photos with your camera phone (ask permission first) of the venue so you can remember exactly what each venue looks like. You will find after viewing four or five venues that you will start to forget the things you like about each venue. Take notes and take photos to keep your mind refreshed.

How many guests can the venue cater for the wedding breakfast and the evening reception?

Check out the toilets. Are they clean and is there plenty of them so there are no queues for the ladies on the day?

Judge the venue from beginning to end of your communication with them. Were they helpful when you telephoned to book the appointment? Were the reception staff polite and attentive when you first arrived at the venue? This is your first impression and it will most likely match the service you will receive on the day of your wedding. 

Ask for an estimated quotation for your wedding to include all costs.

Is there flexibility with the wedding breakfast menu?

What is the cost of overnight accommodation for guests?

How many rooms are available for guests to book? If there are not any or less than 10 then ask where they would recommend for additional guest accommodation.

Take a look at all the staff, especially waiting and bar staff. Are they friendly and efficient?

How much is a glass of wine, a glass of soft drink and a pint of beer?

Will the evening reception be held in the same room as the wedding breakfast? If yes, then how long is the turnaround time and where do you wait?

What time does the evening reception have to be finished by?

Find out if there are any restrictions, such as candles or confetti being allowed.

Is there enough parking space for all of the guests cars?

Will there be any other wedding parties at the venue on the same day as yours?

Besides all of the points/questions I have listed you do need to consider one other issue. If you are planning to get married somewhere which is quite a distance from where the majority of your wedding guests live, then do you think most of them will attend?

What is your wedding budget? Make sure you stick to it! You don't want to be starting your marriage as newlyweds with a massive overdraft and a three year loan to repay.

Before you book the venue of your choice please do return to the venue for another guided tour and do not sign on the dotted line and pay your deposit until you are 100% happy that it is THE wedding venue for you and your husband-to-be.

Happy Wedding Wednesday

Teresa x