Sunday, 29 July 2012


Another headline hit the news this week of an elderly pensioner being seriously injured by intruders who were burgling his home. An 82 year old man from Guildford in Surrey was left like this after two thugs beat him up.

Source - Sky News
Every time I see an elderly pensioner being attacked, in their own home, it makes my blood boil! How on earth can anyone feel it necessary to inflict such harm on another human being let alone someone who is unable to defend themselves?

Why should a man in his own home be subjected to a horrific beating just because he was in his own home? I just cannot comprehend what must have gone through the thugs minds.  And if they get caught by the police and took to court, what will happen?

Hopefully a lengthy stay at Her Majesty's pleasure, but I doubt it. They will get a year or maybe two in prison where they sit in a room playing on a PS3, lying on their bed and getting fed three hot meals a day without having to lift a ruddy finger! Yeah, severe punishment, my arse!

There is no deterrent for these mindless thugs because they are never taught a lesson. I mean, come on, what are the consequences of committing such a despicable crime? Probably, the one thing they have craved more than ever, support, routine and a struggle-free lifestyle. Their only inconvenience is only being allowed to see their family during prison visits and ringing them everyday on the telephone. I am sure this is no different to how often they saw family and friends whilst they had their freedom.

How is that a punishment? What about all the men and women who serve our country out in Afghanistan and Iraq? Risking their lives for pittance pay whilst their families are back in the UK worrying whether the next death of a soldier could be their son, brother or father. The prisoners get a far more cushy life than law-abiding citizens.

We hear of the Community Payback where convicted criminals are made to carry out jobs to give something back to their community. Half of these criminals on this payback scheme seldom turn up and if they keep re-offending they are put in prison to only serve a small sentence due to the overcrowding in the nation's prisons. The whole prison system is an absolute joke.

I am all for rehabilitation but not when the prisoner is not prepared to change his/her ways. It costs an awful lot of taxpayers money to keep a prisoner comfortable in his institutionalised hotel and it is clearly evident the prison system is not working. We have all watched the countless prison documentaries where they interview numerous prisoners who say they will re-offend when they are released because it's a much easier life in prison playing table tennis and watching television everyday without having to worry about paying bills, feeding and clothing your children and trying to get a job.  There is no incentive for a prisoner to go straight.

Mr Joe Carter pictured above is just another consequence of today's society. It is wrong and shameful. I am ashamed of how things are in this country and with all the cost-cutting in the police force and other services I cannot see anything improving soon.

Yours thoroughly ticked off and ashamed of the UK justice system.

Teresa x