Sunday, 22 July 2012

NOT into this

As you know, here at I Am Into This we like to share with you all the things we are INTO everyday but it wouldn't be right if we didn't tell you all about the things we are NOT INTO. Here's a rundown of this week's gripes:

1.   Shampoo or body wash bottles which have screw top lids. I end up dropping them whilst I am in
      the shower. I find it rather annoying when I fill my palm with some shampoo and somehow I have
      got to screw the lid back onto the shampoo bottle. Grrrr. I'm all about a flip top, thank you.

2.   Standing behind a lady on an escalator who has very cracked heels and hard skin on her feet which
      makes me want to gag.

3.   Hearing young children swear. The other day I overheard a child aged about 8 years old effing and
      blinding, it made me shudder.

4.   I am absolutely appalled to learn all of the female olympic athletes from Japan and Australia had to
      fly to London in economy class, whilst all male athletes enjoyed business class.

5.   Hate it, hate it, hate it when you open a new toilet roll and when you try to remove the first few
      sheets half of them will be detached from the layer below. Every time you return to use said toilet       
      roll it will look like a ripped up mess.

6.   Over the years I have never understood how people say they "accidentally" see porn online because
      I have never had it to happen me. Until I was exploring Tumblr earlier this week. I searched for '
      home interiors' and as I scrolled down looking at all the pretty I got the shock of my life, a very
      explicit photo. I jumped out of my skin when I saw it. VILE!

7.   Anyone else feeling a bit embarrassed with all the fiascos surrounding the London Olympics? I
      only have these words to describe the whole thing - P*ss Up and brewery!

8.   Being on Skype chatting to a colleague in Chicago and sharing your computer screen to rectify a
      few technical blogger problems and I click on my email screen to be greeted with a new email with
      the subject title 'BOOBS' from one of my friends.

9.   This week I have endured the worst hayfever. As much as I appreciate the sunnier weather the extra
      pollen it brings with it is causing me to get hardly any sleep at night. I am a swollen-eyed snotty

Source: via Valency on Pinterest

If there is one thing I cannot stand to see is when parents unnecessarily scream profanities at their children in public. The school summer holidays started last week here in Leicestershire and already I have seen several mothers screaming at their kids whilst out shopping. I hate to tell you ladies, but you have another 6 weeks of your children's company - please try and make it more fun instead of frightening your little ones.

Hope you are all out enjoying this sunshine!

Teresa x