Saturday, 28 July 2012

Little Black Book - Lucas Jack Jewellery

Ladies, let me introduce you to yet another stunning jewellery website - Lucas Jack. I'm sorry for once again tempting you with beautiful jewels, but I couldnt resist sharing this one. Literally, the whole damn site is crammed with amazing trinkets and statement pieces (think bling rings, glamorous cuffs and door knocker earrings) which any fashionista will love.

I am particularly in love with the cocktail rings (I have a thing for massive, oversized rings) and desperately want some of the resin bits and pieces!

Also going on my wish list is this beautiful gold star bracelet and the skull cuff...
There really is something for everyone on this site. I literally sat there like you do at a firework display, constantly murmuring "oooh!" "AHHH!" It's simply that pretty. So whether you're a skull and crossbones kinda girl, or a fan of more traditional glitz and glam, check out these earrings...
And as if the rings, earrings and bracelets weren't enough, the necklaces they have on offer are equally as stunning. How's a girl's bank balance supposed to cope?! The turquoise stones are just stunning, while the star necklace is beautifully subtle and delicate.

Anyway, enjoy browsing - and let me know what you buy!

Sam x