Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Watches I Am Into

I used to wear a watch all the time because like any other person I like to know what the time is. However the last four or five years I haven't worn a watch at all. Simply because I haven't liked a single watch enough to want to wear it. The whole bling bling was not my thing and the every colour under the rainbow Ice watches were, in my opinion, a bit childish for a woman to wear.

So I am now incredibly pleased to find a watch I would LOVE to wear. And I AM INTO these eighties throwbacks. The simplicity of these two black and white watches will really stand out on your wrist and make any outfit you are wearing instantly cool.

£30 - ticwatches.co.uk
£55 - arkclothing.com

For a more tomboy timecheck then go for one of these and pair it up with either a knuckleduster or a simple signet ring. And if you fancy going for an all out darts player look then style with a big heavy chunky gold chain necklace and bracelet.

£ 69.99 - zgwatches.co.uk
£180.00 - selfridges.com
£ 10.00 - janenorman.co.uk
£590.00 - kabiri.co.uk

These three gold coloured watches are going to look fab on any wrist and I am very drawn to the two digital Casio ones. The aqua faced Casio watch is ideal if you don't fancy donning a big manly watch. 
£90 - topman.com
£40 - goldsmiths.co.uk
£30 - asos.com 

And last but not least, I AM INTO these two fluorescent pink and black watches. Absolute stunning wrist candy!
£11 - watchshop.com
£55 - watchshop.com

I cannot believe I have found so many watches which I AM INTO A LOT and they are all fairly cheap and can easily be purchased from the high street or online. Problem I have now is choosing which one to have.

Teresa x

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