Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wallpaper Wonders

Since hubby and I bought our house last year, I have become an interior design addict. Oh, yes…just when I thought I couldn’t become even more of a shopaholic, I was wrong.

After leaving behind the confines of our city centre flat, I went d├ęcor crazy. In fact, I just went crazy. I spent day after day raiding antiques shops, craft fairs and eBay. I lost hours of sleep as I fantasised about new flooring, TV stands and wall art. I even went as far as looking into enrolling on an interior design course. Is that normal?

Poor old Monty has often had to put up with my obsessions. At first there was the Church pew, the Bishop’s chair and the mahogany desk. Then there were the old-fashioned fire guards, the teacup lamps and the cake stands.

Right now, I’m on the hunt for some wallpaper to transform our dull and dingy study. And in my view, the quirkier, the better. I’ve picked a few of my faves below…

 Sam x

Wallpaper Wonders

In Clouds Wallpaper
$198 -

Stacked Paperback Wallpaper
$198 -

C'Est Magnifique Wallpaper
$88 -

Silhouettes Needlepoint Kit
£70 -

Wallpaper Direct - Eco Studio by Eco Wallpaper
£39 -