Monday, 23 January 2012

If I Could I Would

Alexander McQueen is a fashion label I have always lusted after.   The style is right up my street.  It's edgy, every item makes a statement and I love the fact it's not frilly and flouncy.  I don't do girly girl outfits.

Many of the clothes are not for the fainthearted; they are ideally for the more gutsy girl who wants to look strong with one massive kick-ass attitude.  Unfortunately for the majority of us, we will never get the pleasure to own an Alexander McQueen dress, no matter how much we stand stroking the gorgeous frock hanging from the clothes rail in a shop.  But we can look can't we?

Teresa x
If I Could I Would

Alexander McQueen floral dress
£650 -

Alexander McQueen quilted leather jacket
£3,270 -

Alexander McQueen stiletto heels
£595 -

Alexander McQueen skull jewelry
£185 -