Sunday, 29 January 2012

Brides On Time - Regrets

wedding regrets

It's more than a year since our wedding day and last week we watched our wedding dvd. We had not seen it since we first received it fourteen months ago and Oh My Goodness I cannot believe how much of it I had already forgotten! I think I am going to schedule a compulsory twice yearly viewing so we can enjoy the special moment and get all teary-eyed together again and again.

Oh Boy am I glad I listened to other newlyweds advice and booked a videographer when we planned our wedding. Nearly all of the advice I read was how they regretted not having a videographer to record the magical moments of their special day. I can remember when I first read it and thought "Oh Crumbs, we don't have any money!"  I tried juggling the figures a bit, but to no avail, so our bank overdraft was looking the most favourable option to find the much needed money. So I booked it. We had it. And I am bloody glad I did. 

But as a now married woman do I have any regrets about our wedding day? 

bride on time

I do regret that I only managed one hours sleep the night before. In hindsight maybe a strong sedative wouldn't have gone amiss.

My hair. Yes I regret ruining my hair before I'd arrived at the church due to nearly fainting in the back of the car. If it wasn't for my Dad demanding me to stay conscious because he had not got a clue what to do with a passed out bride, I would have definitely keeled over. I somehow slumped myself in the corner of the backseat and breathed like I was pushing out a 7lb baby.

As you can see in this picture my hair has come undone and needs some urgent hairpin attention.

wedding kiss

Being late to the church. Enough said.

Makeup - Booking Make Up By Katy to do my wedding make up was the best decision I could have made. After one hours sleep plus a rash which decided to appear on my shoulders Katy had it covered, literally.

My dress - I love it and I would definitely pick the same one again.  Sarah Houston is an amazing bridal designer and my dress was stunning.

sarah houston wedding dress

Hand on heart though, do I really really really regret anything about our wedding day? Deep down? Probably not, because when I watch our DVD I don't cry because I look like Captain Caveman. I cry because everytime I watch it I re-live the moment of myself and Steve with our children saying our vows. Proper lump in your throat tearducts-overflow-viewing of seeing yourself at your most vulnerable, most honest and most happiest. It's a moment I will never forget.

regrets at a wedding

Do you have any regrets which you would like to share?  Or any worries about your upcoming wedding?  Then drop us a comment in the box below.

Muchos bridal love

Teresa xx

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