Welcome to I Am Into This, written by two shopping addicts (and amazing friends), Sam and Teresa. We love to discover glamorous new things that make women look and feel amazing, and this blog is all about sharing our finds! Oh, and we might throw in a little chocolatey treat here and there too. We all need chocolate, right?

Since we launched our blog in 2012, we have met some amazing people along the way. However, we hope to meet many, many more of you, so please stop by and say hello! In the meantime, here we are, in all our glory...

Sam and Teresa x


Crazy lady who is obsessed with the cool and pretty. There's nothing wishy-washy about me, it's all down to earth, no beating around the bush, straight-up honesty. I'm a right chatterbox but love my own company.

My approach to everything in life is grab it by the horns and go for it! My wardrobe pretty much replicates how I live - it's jam-packed, it's overwhelming, it encompasses everything and there's nothing dull about it.

I'm a big lover of all things bright and cheery and I am probably the most meticulous, overly organised, pre-emptive thinking idiot you will ever meet. I am the lady who cleans all of her windows minutes before they are removed and replaced with new windows (yep, told you I was mental didn't I?)

I adore my family, I adore my fab friends and I adore I Am Into This because I get to work with my great friend Samantha.


Where oh where do I start? I'm pretty much a walking contradiction - a real chatterbox and a bubbly, in-your-face blonde, but secretly I'm just a little bit shy. Actually, a lot shy. Shh, don't tell!

I am a complete and utter shopaholic and a scary ass fitness freak. My shoe collection could rival any Z-list celeb's, and I  love discovering new beauty products - anything that makes me feel fabulous is pretty darn special!

My favourite things in life are sunning myself with a good book, discovering new recipes by cooking and baking, kicking back with cocktails with my friends and cuddles with my utterly beautiful sons, Zayn, Leo and Ezra.

Unlike Teresa, my house is usually a tip as I'm always, always in a rush. But you know what? I love my life. I hope you enjoy reading I Am Into This every bit as much as we enjoy making it!

Sam x