Sunday, 22 January 2012

I Am NOT Into This

Seeing as we tell you all week what we are into, we thought it would be appropriate to also tell you what we are NOT into.  

We would love for you to tell us what you are not into as well. Just leave us your pet hates/bug bears/gets your goat comments in the section at the bottom.  If we see some good ones, we will put them in our next NOT into post...

Here are ours for this week:
  1. Scientific buzzwords for facial creams. What are peptides? What's EGF? We sure as hell don't know, and we bet you don't either...
  2. Having a really good hair day, only to leave the house and get caught in a torrential downpour. NB: This only ever happens when you left your brolly at home...
  3. Extra sticky price stickers which only seem to be stuck on gifts which you buy for a friend. Books are the worst for this.
  4. Crocs - need I say anymore?
  5. Drinking red wine, then getting slightly tipsy and laughing your head off. Only you don't realise that your teeth are stained pink. And no one's going to tell you otherwise...
  6. Teenage boys walking down the street with a hand down the front of their tracksuit bottoms. 
  7. Falling into a lifeboat - yeah righto, Captain.
  8. The high street becoming more and more like a ghost town after the closure of so many shops. It's sad to see - we miss all the lovely, independent boutiques. 
  9. GAP carrier bags - the string really cuts into your fingers. Why do they do this?
  10. Dead birds which my cat brings home. I don't appreciate having bloody entrails left on my doorstep...

Nothing-like-having-a-good-old-whinge-on-a-Sunday love

Teresa and Sam xx