Saturday, 28 January 2012

Our Little Black Book - Greens Interiors

little black book

Every now and then, I stumble across a shop I love so much that it fast becomes one of my favourite places in the world.

This is usually a second-hand bookstore, or an antiques shop. Maybe a vintage clothing emporium, or a dingy old cafĂ©. Basically, I adore anywhere that feels like an Aladdin’s Cave, a true bazaar. The kind of place where, if you have a good old rummage, you never know what you’re going to find.

Anyway, this is why Teresa and I had to share one of our newest discoveries. It is currently number one in my little black book. If you are ever in the Midlands, please do try and take the time to visit…I guarantee that it will be worth it.

Greens Home Interiors is a furniture company based on the very outskirts of Coventry. Sounds fairly dull and fairly normal, right?

WRONG. Greens is amazing for unique or unusual homeware. Stuffed with contemporary furniture, antique furniture and garden accessories, it contains a real treasure chest of stuff. If you’re anything like me and have a real shabby-chic, mismatched, old-fashioned home, you will love it.

When we went earlier this week to take pics for you, we were in our element. We wandered round with our cameras, not quite knowing where to start. I had been before and felt quite proud when I was introducing Teresa to all these bits and pieces.

Brimming with mahogany desks, church pews, mismatched teacups and saucers, writer’s bureaus, chaise longues, costume jewellery, vintage clothing and so much more, it is the perfect place to while away a few hours.

Here are some of our finds…

Gorgeous, old-school Church pews.

second hand furniture, bench, church pew

wooden chair

Beaten and battered books. I love the smell of old books. I like to open one, smell it and stroke the pages, imagining who has used or read it before me. Weird, aren't I? I have started collecting them to dot around our conservatory…
vintage books

An awesome cabinet. If I had somewhere to put this, I’d have snapped it up in a heartbeat.

vintage shopping

Mismatched glassware and teacups and saucers.


retro cups and saucers

vintage jug, retro

vintage shop, antique shopping

The world’s tackiest, most in-your-face tropical jug. We love it. We actually had to restrain ourselves from buying it. 

camel jug

A custard-yellow, rockabilly table

yellow table,

Sequins, sequins and more sequins – a haven for magpies.

sequinned fashion

Alice and Wonderland china. I had to buy this…I couldn’t resist.

alice in wonderland cups

alice in wonderland retro range

Other eclectic bits and pieces!

vintage shopping

vintage interiors

white sideboard

art deco chair

Isn’t it wonderful? Call me old-fashioned, but I just love the appeal of places like this. Give me dusty, run-down antiques shops over bright-lit high street stores any day.

If you want to visit Greens, you can find the address and more information here on their website however we at I Am Into This do not feel the website does the place any justice.  You need to pay a visit to appreciate this little treasure trove.

Antiques Adventures, Rugby Road, Binley Woods, Coventry, CV3 2AW
Tel: 024 7645 3878, Fax: 024 7644 5847, Email: 

Lots of mothballs and dusty book love

Sam x