Thursday, 26 January 2012

How To Be A Better Shopper

Samantha and I are savvy shoppers and we love nothing more than bagging a bargain. Our favourite thing in the world is to discover something we love, only to find that when the shop assistant scans the barcode in, the till bleeps up with a cheaper price.  It is a proper YIPPEE, jumping up and down and dancing moment.

Only the other week, we were perusing the rails in Birmingham's H&M and Samantha spotted a beautiful boucle jacket. On closer inspection (read: trying it on), we soon realised it had been reduced to £15 - bargain! When Samantha went to pay for it, she realised that it had been reduced by a further £5! Ten quid for a pretty, cropped boucle jacket!

As you can imagine, I ran back to the clothes rack and bought myself one too. I LOVE IT.

h&m jacket, pink jacket
Excuse quality of iPhone pic.

shopping for a bargain
I LOVE a zip detail on the rear of a sleeve.  Right up my street.

But not all bargains just fall into your lap like the boucle jacket did - sometimes you have to be a little bit more proactive. So, how do you find yourself a discount when shopping on the high street?

Well, I have been doing a little digging and I have found a brilliant resource on moneysavingexpert website (Martin Lewis rocks!).  I really recommend you sit down to read the Top 20 Haggling Tactics and get yourselves educated.  I, for one, will certainly be trying these out on my next shopping venture.  And, if you're a savvy online shopper, then do go and check out these voucher code websites:

 Please note:  these websites don't all cover the same shops and share the same discounts.

Samantha simply googles the name of the shop when she is trying to find a discount code. For example, she recently got herself a Cambridge Satchel for just £63 by googling"Urban Outfitters discount code"- bargain!

Anyway, since we're all starting to feel the pinch after Christmas (not only in our waistbands, but in our purses as well), we have a few extra little ideas and tips on how you can save the pounds:

1.  Get browsing all your magazines, cut out discount tokens and use them on the next supermarket shop.

2.  Make sacrifices, such as cutting out the coffee from Starbucks on your way to work every morning.

3.  Look around your homes and find all those items which are just gathering dust and sell them!
     Samantha earned £150 last week by selling a huge pile of DVDs, CDs and her husband's old PS3
     games at Music Magpie.

4.  Downgrade your supermarket purchases.  Don't buy the popular brand names, get the supermarket's
     own version.

If you make the effort, then you will reap the benefits.  And as my Grandmother always used to say to me:

"Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!"

Never a truer word spoken. And if saving the pennies on the boring stuff means we can buy ourselves the Louboutins we've been lusting after, then it's all going to be worth it...

Any good sales or discounts then please drop us a comment below!

Teresa x