Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Would you have a Wedding Planner?

Are you like me and think Wedding Planners are only for the rich and elite? Because until I did a little digging I quickly realised it is easily affordable and most definitely worth every single penny. Planning your own wedding is a lot more difficult and time consuming than you could ever imagine. Honestly, there were times when I felt I was buckling under the pressure and would have loved a helping hand.


To ease the ever increasing wedding workload, let me introduce you to Alison Tinlin from Plans and Presents who is based in Glasgow and is a very, very, very nice lady.

Alison: Today I am going to share some tips for your Wedding planning experience, and also explain how a Wedding Planner can help.

You may mock and say a Planner is just for the Rich, and for Celebrities but everyone no matter what Budget sometimes needs a wee hand to make what is essentially the most important day of their life go smoothly and be the Vision they always had of that day.

In the Beginning

Right at the start of your planning, it is important to sit down as a couple to work out the priorities you both have in respect of your Big Day.

You need to decide what elements you really can't do without, and what you are willing to compromise on.

It is highly unlikely that you will agree on everything, but it is important that both of you as a couple work together as this will be the most important day of your lives so far.

When you have done that you will be able to set your budget and date.

With respect to your budget consider any savings you have and how much comfortably you will both be able to put towards the marriage pot per month.

Also consider any outside help and/or family input. Remember that this is your day though, and family money does not automatically mean they get to make all the decisions

With respect to loans and credit cards, these are best avoided if possible as better not to go into marriage in debt, you don't want to be paying it off 5 years down the line.

With respect to a date, this may be a day that is particularly special to you like an anniversary or to commemorate a loved one.

Be aware however that a winter/off season wedding, a Sunday wedding or a Midweek wedding will usually bring you substantial financial savings in comparison to a high Summer Saturday wedding.

Choosing Help

It is important that you have people helping you that your trust implicitly, and who you know won't let you down, whether it is family or friends [consider this when choosing your Bridesmaids and Best Man] or with supplier choice.

Remember too that it is lovely to involve family or friends in your day if they have a special talent as this can make your day more personal and save you money.

Beating the Stress

Remember always throughout the planning stages that all Brides and Grooms get frustrated.

Your planning will have its ups and downs, and because it is such an important event, every issue can seem like a giant obstacle to overcome.

Remember when everything seems like it is spiralling out of control, that not getting the exact colour of napkins you want is not a National disaster, and what is really important is love, health and happiness.

In view of this, it’s important to take a step back to recharge your batteries.

As a couple it’s important to have regular date nights so that you remember the real reason you are getting married in the first place.

And it is also important as the Bride or Groom to take care of yourselves. So try to take time out one night a week to pamper yourself or have a good night out with your friends where wedding chat is banned.

Why Choose A Wedding Planner?

Statistics show that it can take up to 250 hours to plan a Wedding.

These days people can have the commitments of work, raising children and running a home, and have little time to plan such an important event. This is where a planner can be an incredible resource and can save you time, money and be a very affordable reassurance.

In essence, your planner works as your own personal Event PA doing all the legwork, the research, making the calls, negotiating, and taking care of all the little details. And with contacts within the Events industry, access to a multitude of fabulous suppliers, therefore making your planner well placed to assist you with choosing suppliers that are right for your needs.

Sometime’s organising a Wedding or Event can seem like an enormous and impossible task. The job of the planner is to be right there to lend support, whenever and in whatever way you need it. This can mean emotional support, as well as practical help, guidance and counsel, and helping you with the little details to make the vision you have of your day become reality.

Despite the perception that the media spins out, help does not have to come with an A-List price tag. Services can be tailored to get exactly the help you need whether that is just a little sourcing to a full planning and co-ordination package.

So, what do you think? Would you now consider hiring some help in organising your special day? I think Alison has provided some very useful tips and advice which may ease some of your wedding stress. Using an expert really does free up your time on researching the best for you, just make sure they don't recommend suppliers who pay them a commission for the referral.

Teresa xx