Sunday, 19 August 2012

10 Things A Man Should Never Do

1.    Do not grow your fingernails. As much as I enjoyed watching Yohan Blake give Usain Bolt a run
       for his money at the Olympics, I was repulsed when I saw his talons. No man should have long
       nails, it's a total no-no.

2.    Moan about pain or feeling poorly. Sorry men, but you need to MAN UP! When you have to
       endure a monthly bout of period pains like us ladies then we have very little sympathy for you.

3.    My biggest gripe with men is when they spit. And if they do that awful sound as they grab some
       phlegm off the back of their throat ready to spit……..well, nothing a baseball bat wouldn't fix.

4.    There's nothing wrong with a man tidying up his eyebrows, no girl likes their man with a
       monobrow. But why oh why oh why, do some men go over the top and give themselves lady

5.    Get their Mums to still do their washing and ironing. I have even heard of some men getting their
       Mum's to clean their homes for them as well. Grow up! Could you imagine if us ladies relied on
       our mothers like that?

6.    I cannot stand men who feel it necessary to get their 'tackle' out. Put it away weirdo! And don't
       even get me started on men who don't use the toilet before leaving a pub. Why do they have to
       have a wee in a shop doorway as soon as they have left the pub? Doesn't make sense.

7.    A man should always be a gentleman. I have seen men who don't give up their seat for an elderly
       lady or a pregnant young woman. Shameful!

8.    NEVER discuss how much you earn or how much that really expensive item you have just bought
       cost. No one likes a man who brags about their money; it really does cheapen your image and you
       instantly become unattractive.

9.    Fasten anything to the waist of your trousers, whether it be a mobile phone or a set of keys.

10.  Walk around in public wearing vest tops when you have pubic shoulders and a hairy back. The
       werewolf look is soooo not acceptable! I wish all these men would either cover up or have the
       black wiry hair removed.


Eat your heart out Chewbacca!

Teresa x