Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Loving Your Skin

I am always, always on the lookout for pampering products that will leave me feeling like a Queen. What girl isn't? Better still if they leave me looking (or in my head, at least) as glamorous as Cleopatra reclining in one of her famous milk baths...

The latest pick on my pampering list is Love Your Skin, a gorgeous British skincare brand which I guarantee will leave you...well...loving the skin you're in.

Selling a whole range of body and face products, LYS aims to restore balance to the skin for the long-haul. There are no quick fixes here, no absurd promises which deep down you know they can't keep - just simple skincare which will eave you feeling beautiful from the outside in.

Anyway, after being sent a few products to try, I now have my eye on a lot more I pretty much want them all!

If I had to choose, though, my absolute must-have is the Arnica Bath and Shower Cleansing Gel. I love this baby so much that I've nearly already drained the whole bottle - and that's in a matter of weeks!

Costing just £12.99, this is one pampering treat that I never ever want to be without. You can use the gel as both a body wash or as a bath soak, but because of its delicious scent, you'll probably want to use it always.

Obviously it is packed with Arnica, renowned for its healing properties, but it also includes lavender and geranium, which make it smell absolutely delicious.

Shortlisted in the Elle Beauty awards, the Arnica Cleansing Gel has now become my fail-safe product for relieving tired, aching joints and muscles. In fact, it's actually recommended for post-childbirth and for after sports. Who needs Radox Muscle Soak when you have this?!

My second top pick is the gorgeous Floral Hydrating Spritzer, which I've already packed in my suitcase, ready to take to hospital with me when Baby H makes his appearance.

This light, refreshing mist is one of those genius products which instantly revives both face and body. In fact, you'll probably wonder how you ever survived without it.

Containing Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose and Aloe Vera, the spray is ideal to pop into your handbag to apply to hot, stressed skin, or to perk yourself up when travelling. I'd imagine it also makes a brilliant post-cleanser too!

Anyway, if you have a friend who's in desperate need of spoiling, or if you simply want to pamper yourself (and we all need to do that, right?!), then get yourselves onto the LYS site pronto. You will love it!

Sam x