Sunday, 12 August 2012

NOT Into This - 10 Things a Woman Must Not Do

1.    Women over 30 years of age wearing their hair in pigtails. Well, to be honest, women over 18
       wearing pigtails too but I'll allow for them because they are still finding themselves. However,
       over 30 years of age and pigtails? - It's just criminal.

2.    Uploading provocative photos of themselves onto their Facebook profile. Why on earth would
       any lady think it is perfectly normal to share photos of themselves pouting, squeezing their boobs
       together, wearing next to nothing and leaving nothing to the imagination? Facebook is a way of
       keeping in touch with friends from the past and present. Not a portfolio for Readers Wives.

3.    Mothers who push their child in a pram/pushchair whilst smoking a cigarette. Yuck!

4.    Women who ring, then ring, then ring again and then ring again. Followed by a text "Ring me
       please!" You would think the matter is urgent but no it's not, the woman just needs to talk now! I
       think these overbearing women are commonly referred to as obsessive, unhinged, uptight control

5.    Keep the same make-up and hairstyle as they did when they were 18 years of age. Only
       yesterday I saw a lady sporting a terrible perm, styled with mousse so it looked like you could
       snap it; all of which was scraped up on top of her crown and secured with a scrunchie. And yes,        
       she was wearing blue eyeliner and blue mascara.

6.    Fingernails. I know many ladies bite their nails so badly they look very sore which is so not a
       good look. But what I find more revolting is ladies who have extra long nails (whether they be
       their own or false ones). They're not nails they are talons! How on earth do they dress themselves
       with two inches of acrylic stuck to their fingers? They scare me.

7.    Not knowing where your limits are when drinking alcohol. Too many times we see ladies who are
       too drunk to get themselves home and are unattractively lay somewhere flashing their knickers to
       everyone. But even those who are able to stagger about and get themselves home are just as
       embarrassing when they are yelling obscenities and acting like a complete idiot.

8.    Wearing more perfume than clothes!

9.    Sitting on the shoulders of a friend at a concert and when the camera focuses on them they decide
       to flash their boobs. WHY?!?

10.  Scary dolls. Why do ladies own these? And put them on display in their home? Dolls are for
       children not adult women, but these ones are enough to give a child nightmares for many weeks.


And next week I shall be discussing what men should not do….. if you wish to add anything to my list then please drop me a comment below.

Teresa x