Sunday, 5 August 2012

NOT Into This

1.    Novelty fur hats. Seeing a girl wearing a cat's head on top of her own head just looks stupid.

2.    It freaks me out watching the synchronised diving. How on earth do they not smash their heads on
       the diving boards? Although I am more than happy to look at the mens bodies.

3.    There are so many of us who would love to have been at Greenwich arena watching the
       gymnastics or sitting poolside at the Aquatic Centre to witness the swimming this week. I am
       astounded that there were so many spare seats.

4.    I am appalled that two 10 year old girls from Leeds made hoax calls to the emergency services
       claiming their mother had collapsed and was unconscious. Their hoax call panicked everyone and
       led to a 24 hour search for the unconscious mother and young daughter which will have cost
       thousands of pounds. Not forgetting the use of resources trying to locate the believed emergency. I
       cannot imagine what the excuse will be…… nothing to do in the school holidays and they got
       bored? Yeah right, well when I was 10 years of age I built dens and climbed trees.

5.    The Twitter troll who tweeted the most abhorrent message to Tom Daley on Monday received a
       harassment warning from the police. A warning, I ask you, I bet that deterred others from trolling,

6.    Yet more local businesses closing down. Breaks my heart.

7.    Dropping another iPhone into water. When will I ever learn?

8.    Tops with a skeleton print on them. I don't want to see a pretend X-ray of your ribs and spine.

9.    Cannot believe Ryan Lochte (USA) has confessed to urinating in the pool during the Olympics.

10.   I am astounded to how some people have responded to a British competitor only getting a silver or
        a bronze. Why was no one celebrating the fact Rebecca Adlington got a bronze in the 800m final?
        Why were Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter being comforted for only getting a silver in the
        lightweight double sculls? The BBC interviewers should be giving them a huge pat on the back
        and congratulating them. Silver or a bronze is still an amazing achievement.

Source - Daily Telegraph

This week I am sharing with you an image of my favourite person from the Olympics so far. Mr Bert Le Clos. The father of Chad Le Clos from South Africa who beat Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly. Never has a parent been prouder of their child with tears and extreme jubilation making Bert Le Clos a man of the moment as he repeatedly said "Unbelievable!"

Hope you are all enjoying watching the Olympics as much as we are at I Am Into This. 

Good Luck Team GB!

Teresa xx