Friday, 24 August 2012

A Few Changes

Hello everyone!

I thought I had better tell you all about some of the little changes which will be taking place here at I AM INTO THIS. 

Right back in January when I first started this blog one of the main aims was to always post a feature everyday and be consistent.  Now I am on my own I will ensure this still happens but just this week I am on holiday and Sam also started her maternity leave yesterday, hence the lack of posts today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Monday everything will be back to normal but I am going to tweak some of the days when certain features are posted on the blog. The High Street Hitlist will still be every Friday but the NOT Into This posts will now be featured earlier than a Sunday.

Please remember I welcome any ideas for blog features from you lovely lot and I am always happy to take a look at any guest blogposts.

Take care and have a great weekend, I'll see you all bright and early Monday morning.

Teresa xxx