Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Talking Relationships

We all get bogged down with everyday crap such as our hectic work schedules, running around after our little ones and then to top it all off the house needs cleaning and the ironing pile isn't getting any smaller. So where do we find the time in all of this to keep our relationships with our husband/fiance/boyfriend all ticketyboo?

We have to MAKE time. How many of you rolled your eyes into the back of your head then? Because if you did then you definitely need to listen up. Sometimes you have to stop worrying about all the daily annoyances and enjoy what's right there in front of you. Your family, your marriage, your happiness.

Firstly, stale relationships are not revived with a bunch of flowers and a fancy bottle of wine. Us girls are far more complicated than that. I am overjoyed when I receive a beautiful bouquet of avalanche roses and a nice Sauvignon Blanc but the traditional romantic gifts just don't cut the mustard. It's too predictable and pretty lame as far as effort is concerned - yes, we know you've spent quite a bit of money but you really didn't need to.

Men, listen carefully, you don't need to spend lots of money to impress a lady. We like sincerity, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. We love you making us our favourite meal for a special night in. We love getting to work and finding a letter from you in our lunch boxes. We love it when you run us a bath, candles lit and wine poured. These little things bring a huge smile to our faces.

You know when you see an elderly couple walking hand in hand does it make you wish you will be like that one day? Sure, they've probably had their ups and downs like all other couples do but they have remained true to one another and able to show their solidarity in such a lovely manner.

I'm quite a people watcher and only the other day I saw an elderly man looking after his wife whilst out shopping. They were holding hands with such pride and it was quite apparent how much in love they were. They were so respectful of one another, they listened attentively and were very much the best of friends.

Audrey Hepburn
Source: ETSY

And then it suddenly struck me, they enjoyed each other. It is that simple. Too many of us are taking one another for granted, taking problems out on our nearest and dearest, taking everything and giving nothing back. When was the last time you had a good old giggle with your other half? We need to be more upbeat and positive about our relationships.

What are your thoughts on how to keep a relationship a happy relationship? I would love to hear your ideas.

Teresa x