Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Are You Addicted to Your iPhone?

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Roll over and give your partner a cuddle? Get out of bed, go downstairs and switch the kettle on? Or pick up your phone and see what's going on in the world?

I bet you all nodded your head to picking up your phone first. What has happened to us all? We are fast becoming addicted to our smartphones. When was the last time you managed to sit down and watch a show on television without checking your phone at some point? And be honest here, I bet you would struggle without taking a quick peep at your phone on an hourly basis.

It's quite sad that we can sit together in our homes and only interact with our friends via social media on our phones instead of chatting to our nearest and dearest who we are sat in the same room with. Aren't you embarrassed?


Some people even take their iPhones to bed with them. They will sit staring at it whilst they try to drop off to sleep and more than likely will have a quick look at Facebook before they close their eyes. The addiction is becoming so intense people cannot fall asleep without their beloved smartphones. How many of you leave your phones downstairs when you go to bed at night? I bet most of you have your phone at your bedside. I do, I use the alarm on my phone to wake me up in the morning and I can honestly admit I do look at my phone (usually at something non-important) before I finally fall asleep.

It breaks my heart to see children desperately trying to seek the attention of their parent who is sat playing with their phone. It revolts me to see teenagers sitting together but not even conversing with one another because they are all on their phones. We are fast becoming a very anti-social bunch of people in preference to chatting via social media. We need to make a change.

Ask yourself this - when was the last time you wrote a letter with a pen and paper? Yes scary isn't it, I bet you can't remember. I had to write a letter the other week and I was ashamed of how my handwriting had deteriorated because I type everything nowadays using text messaging or email.

How many of us prefer to speak via text messaging instead of picking up the phone and actually talking? I don't even answer my home telephone anymore because I know it won't be any family or friends ringing to see how I am, it'll just be one of those automated messages about being mis-sold PPI.

So, I have an idea - how about putting your phone away and only looking at the thing at set times, between 10:00am - 6:00pm. Could you do it? It really is important that we engage with our family and friends. Don't be so ignorant, put your phone away when you are in the company of others. My biggest gripe is when people bring their phones to the dining table - how rude! What are you expecting, an important call which could alter your life forever? I think not.

I actually find it very liberating to not have my phone. I love leaving the house without it, it's nice to have the freedom of going anywhere without anyone interrupting me with a text message or phone call. Seriously, try not having your phone with you for a day, you will love it! And before you say, "Yes but I take my phone with me for security, what would happen if my car breaks down?" My answer is - the same as what we did before mobile phones were ever invented. We all managed perfectly well back in the day.


I know smartphones are here to stay, but do you think there should be etiquette rules when you are with friends and family? Let me know what you think on this.

Teresa x