Saturday, 6 October 2012

10 Celebrities We Are Not Into

This week for our NOT into this post I have decided to discuss celebrities. There are certain celebrities which need to retreat to the privacy of their homes and stop turning up on my television screen.

Here are my dreaded ten:

Carol Vorderman

I used to have a massive respect for this lady back in her Countdown days, the woman is a mathematical genius. But why has she suddenly become that mother who looks like she has raided her daughter's wardrobe? I know she has got a fantastic body for her age but she cannot wear those figure hugging dresses all the time - she's old enough to be a Grandma!


Sorry but whenever I see this woman on television all I see is a chav. Please bear in mind that Tulisa will have a stylist, a make-up artist and a hairdresser on speed dial for whenever she attends an event or appears on X Factor. So, why oh why oh why, does she have the worst bleached blonde hair I have ever seen? And no matter how good that make-up or dress is, she does not carry it off very well. She has no class whatsoever. And she bores me, a lot!

Rod Stewart

I cannot explain specifically what it is about this man I cannot stand. It could be his voice, it could be his vast record of womanising or it could be his stupid fashion sense. In fact, I think it is all three!

Liza Minnelli

Whenever I see this woman I just want to get her professional help. I am genuinely concerned for her. The woman seems so screwed up I find it upsetting to see her trying to string a sentence together.


Well, there's quite a few things I don't like about Cher. The time she wore that outfit, her appalling plastic surgery and worst of all, the awful song she released back in the late 1990s called "Believe". Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Meg Ryan

I will never forget the rudeness of this lady when she was interviewed by the British legend Michael Parkinson. How dare she be so impolite!

Lindsay Lohan

This girl is one very talented actress yet she lets herself down time and time again. How many chances does this girl need to be given? She's ruined every opportunity through her selfish behaviour. Such a disappointment.

Chris Moyles

Never liked this man and I am so glad he has finally left Radio 1. I think he is a bully. Fame went to his head and quite often he ridiculed people for no reason other than to get a laugh. I found some of his taunts rather offensive and totally unnecessary. 

Frankie Boyle

Is his controversial humour really needed? Such an unpleasant man who seems to get a kick out of being vile.

Peter Stringfellow

This guy really gives me the creeps. He wears thongs on the beach, his hair is horrendous and the bloke is a total slimeball. Ditch the mullet Peter and act your age! 

Which celebrity would you add to this list? There are so many out there who I could have included especially those who are followed closely by the younger generation such as TOWIE cast, Ashley Cole and Katie Price. 

Which celeb winds you up the most?

Teresa x