Saturday, 13 October 2012

10 Things I Don't Like About Myself

For this week's I Am NOT Into post I thought I would tell you ten things I don't like about myself. Actually it has been difficult to confine my personal gripes to only ten. Like any woman I have many hang-ups, some are hidden, some are masked and some I would be too embarrassed to share.

Anyway, here's ten points I don't mind sharing with you and I wonder if there are any you might want to say about yourself. Actually, it might be a good idea to follow up this post with 10 things we do like about ourselves, you know, boost our self-confidence and all that.

Anyway, here goes…..

1.    I hate my large fat hands, they are like shovels. They are very unladylike and are even more
       prominent because they hang on the end of my very skinny wrists and forearms. It saddens me I
       am unable to wear some of these pretty thin rings, which I love. In fact, whenever I do buy a ring it
       has to be a big fat knuckleduster for the fact it will be on scale to my large man hands. Oh and I am
       the lady who pulls all the rings off the hook to get to the ones at the back labelled LARGE.

2.    I wish I could sing. If truth be told, when I get granted three wishes from the genie in the lamp one
       of my wishes is to be able to sing. My singing is so bad that the only time I will sing is when I am
       on my own in the car. I will turn up the volume so loud to drown out my voice so I can pretend I
       have the sensational voice of Adele and Paloma Faith.

3.    I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate. Shamefully I have raided my children's selection
       boxes and I have eaten their easter eggs. I am an awful parent when it comes to my chocolate

4.    My posture is terrible. I hate my round shoulders. I hate how I slouch. I do try to remember to
       straighten myself up and push my shoulders back but then I quickly resume my lethargic posture.

5.    I have this dreadful habit of clenching my teeth. I don't know if this is due to tension or stress but I
       am forever finding myself with my teeth clenched tightly. I wake up in the morning with an aching
       jaw because I will have slept like it all night (I don't grind my teeth). I have tried stopping myself
       using various methods to stop it but to no avail.

6.    I have a fear of certain materials. Yep I am some sort of weirdo. Whenever I undo a zip, or unstick
       velcro I will place my tongue between my teeth because it makes me shudder so badly. I cannot
       stand organza, nylon or that material which they made school skirts out of in the 80s. Even
       thinking about it as I type this my teeth are on edge.

7.    I hate my body, yes I know, what woman doesn't…….but seriously I really hate my body. I never
       used to be so bad about it until I had children. It saddens me when I see other women, some 20-30
       years older than me on the beach with a stomach more taut than my own. I have this saggy skinned
       torso which my sons refer to as my "jelly belly". They think it's hilarious to wobble it about with
       their hands. It's disgusting. My first son was 11lbs when he was born so my body was stretched to
       proportions which it really was not built for. I get very jealous of women on Embarrassing Bodies
       who have the balls to go and ask for help; I could never share the state of my body with the British
       public on TV because I am actually embarrassed by it.

8.    I talk to myself. Whenever I am undertaking some sort of task I have this strange thing of talking to
       myself about it. Why?

9.    It really annoys me that I ever smoked. Why did I ever succumb to such a dirty habit? I smoked for
       15 years altogether. (I never smoked whilst pregnant) and I have given up for months at a time but
       always ended up back on the dreaded nicotine sticks. Thankfully I have not smoked for 14 months
       now but I still have the telltale signs that I used to smoke. When you start scrutinising your ageing
       skin in the mirror it really does annoy you when you could have held back the ageing effect if you
       had never smoked.

10.  I'm a perfectionist, I'm meticulous and worst of all, I can get very impatient. The three don't bode
       well together. I get exceedingly infuriated when dealing with people who I call 'Half-A-Job-Bob'
       who lack any sort of enthusiasm and ooze apathy in bucket loads.

Source: via Yolande on Pinterest

Gosh, that was painful sharing some of my hang-ups with you all. Are you brave enough to share yours?

Teresa x