Tuesday, 2 October 2012

More Tea Vicar?

Cannot believe we are already in October - where did that creep up from? I'm still waiting for the summer which never arrived!

It's time to pack away those flip flops, shorts and vest tops because at this time of year it's all about switching on the central heating, wearing a big fat jumper and snuggling on the sofa with a cup of tea.

My friends visited me yesterday and it was tea for everyone so I pulled out my one and only teapot. It's a pretty fancy Stellar teapot but it wasn't up to the job because it only held 3 cups in it. So I have been on the lookout for a much larger teapot to cater for more people who love a brew when they drop by.

Here's some of my favourite picks and there are quite a few, I think I have covered every style and taste there is possible.

Grab a pack of digestive biscuits and get dunking!

Teresa x

Fully rounded

These are great breakfast teapots which will look great on your table in the morning alongside the toast and morning newspaper.
Round teapots

Retro Print

Now if you are like me, you love a bit of print and something more eye-catching. All of these are super stylish and can proudly be kept on show for all to see.
Retro print teapots
Renaissance Gold teapot Wedgwood, £155 / Pied a Terre Peacock teapot, £17.50 /
 Pied a Terre Persia Jewels teapot, £17.50 / Orla Kiely Poppy Meadow teapot, £55 /
Chevron 6-Cup Chatsford Filter Teapot, £22 / Turquoise 'Ching He Huang' tea pot, £12

Here's my handle, here's my spout

How gorgeous are these? These are for the girl who likes a bit of pretty on her table. These look so delicate and elegant, they really are perfect for a spot of tea and a cream scone.
Fancy handled teapots

Bouncing Teapot from Anthropologie, £42 / Ali Miller Hampstead Heath teapot, £40 / 

Disaster Designs Songbird Teapot, £25 / Fleur De Lys Teapot from Anthropologie, £24 / 

Fusion Teapot from Anthropologie, £58

True Blue

I do love a blue teapot, probably because they remind me of my Grandma's blue & white stripy pot, and she made the best tea ever! A blue teapot doesn't seem to date and sits nicely alongside the most important drinking vessel - the mug!
Blue teapots
Grand stoneware teapot LE CREUSET, £23 / Burleigh Blue Calico Teapot, £46.50 /
Florence Blue Stripe 6-Cup Teapot, £20 / Tea Clipper Star 6- Cup Chatsford Filter Teapot, £22 /
 Linea Maison teapot, pale blue, £11

Rich Tea

For the more extravagant person, some of these are quite pricey but my goodness they look very fancy-schmancy. Nothing more opulent than a posh silver teapot.
Metal teapots

Botanical Leaf teapot, £385 / Steel and porcelain teapot, £120 /
Fruit basket Teapot Steel by Alessi, £127 / Sabichi Stainless Steel Teapot, £14.99

A Talking Point

Eat your heart out Lady Gaga with this telephone teapot, how cool is that? If you want something more quirky which will definitely get noticed then choose one of these….
Teapot to talk about

Telephone teapot, £35 / Terrorist teapot, £25 / Teapot with multi coloured tea cosy, £35 /
My Big Tea Teapot With knitted cover, £79 / Blond-Amsterdam Blondelicious Teapot, £39.95

Ladies Who Do Tea

If you have friends over in the morning for a slice of cake and a bit of a catch-up (it's a regular thing me and my friends do) then here's the perfect pots for you. These would look great on my table when I serve up some lemon drizzle cake.
Ladies who do tea
White porcelain 'Poppy' teapot, £35 / Red 'Dotty Rose' teapot, £17.50 / Rayware Pink Two Cup Teapot, £3.49 / Portmeirion Kellogg's Teapot, £30 / Janice Tchalenko for Poole Pottery Iris Teapot, £30

Manly tea

I don't suppose many men are keen to pull out the best china and a floral teapot when their friends come over so I found these more masculine looking teapots. These four teapots would not look out of place in a batchelor pad. 
manly teapots
Harrods Cast Iron Teapot, £125 / Eva Solo My Tea Teapot, £50 / 
John Lewis Puritan Teapot, £25 / Nigella Lawson teapot in black, £23.38