Monday, 15 April 2013

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Radiance Day Cream IS A MIRACLE!

Here at I Am Into This we do receive quite a lot of beauty products to sample and review. We do try all of the ones we receive but we only write about the ones which blow us away. In other words, it has to be one of those things that when you try it you WANT to tell everyone to try it because it really is THAT good.

It is seldom that I write a beauty product review, not because I am difficult to please, but why write about products which are just 'satisfactory?' If it doesn't make me want to rush out the door to the shops to buy more of it then why on earth should I recommend it to others?

Last week I received an item which I was looking forward to trying because I had seen other beauty bloggers singing the praises of the calming creamy cleanser and facial oil from Una Brennan's Superfacialist collection. And my goodness, when I tried the Radiance Day Cream I was grinning from ear to ear. This stuff is ruddy marvellous!

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"Perfect for skin that’s dry, dull or sensitive, this day cream with SPF15 provides deep hydration while helping recharge the skin, keeping it looking firmer and more toned. UV filters combined with natural soothers, cucumber oil and marshmallow extract, help leave skin protected, calm and renewed making it a perfect primer for flawless make-up application."

Over a year ago I had the most amazing facial ever, it was a Creme De La Mer facial and it honestly did make me look so rejuvenated, much younger, fresher and radiant. No exaggeration. Of course, I cannot afford to buy Creme De La Mer skincare products, but in an ideal world I would be bathing in the stuff. If only, there was something cheaper, affordable and just as good….

Cue, Una Brennan.

Yep, for £12.99 at Boots the Superfacialist Rose Day Cream immediately makes me look like I have a had a great night's sleep, drank litres of water and glow as radiantly as Gwyneth Paltrow. I have been slapping this super moisturising cream on my husband, my mum, most of my friends, in fact, anyone I get my hands on. I am preaching about the darn stuff. I LOVE IT!

I am so taken with Una Brennan's radiance day cream I am now going straight out to purchase everything else from the range and will be replacing many items in my bathroom cabinet.

So, if you are feeling a bit lacklustre and crave the much coveted dewy look then give this skincare range a try. Trust me, your glowing skin will get noticed and commented on.

Teresa x

P.S.  It smells ruddy delicious too! 

P.P.S  I am NOT paid to write any of this. I write it because I believe in it.