Saturday, 13 April 2013

NOT INTO THIS - Birthdays!

Seeing as it is my birthday tomorrow I thought it would make the perfect topic for this week's NOT Into This post.

If you can think of any more gripes you have about birthdays, then please feel free to add your views in the comments.

1.   As you get older I do not like it when people mention your age on the day of your birthday. Who cares I am now 30 something and creeping closer to 40? I really do not need to be reminded.

2.   When you buy somebody a present for their birthday and leave it until the very last minute to wrap it up (usually before having to leave the house to take them their present). At this point, you discover you only have childrens' fairy or pirate wrapping paper.

3.   Sellotape. If you don't have a tape dispenser then you are going to get quite frustrated. Firstly, trying to find where the tape edge is and secondly when you go to stick it onto the paper it gets stuck on itself and then ends up being useless.

4.   If you know me well enough to send me a birthday card, then please learn how to spell my name. Attention to detail is key. Thank you.

5.   Having to unwrap a gift in front of someone and you really do not like it. Awkward!

6.   Giving someone a present to then discover they already have one. This happened to me very recently when I bought my dear friend Jacqui a clock from Laura Ashley; why had I never noticed she already had one on her mantelpiece?

7.   Being presented with your birthday cake in a restaurant = singing waiters, singing family and friends, all of the other diners turning around to stare at you and the chorus of "Happy Birthday Dear Teresa…." Dig. Hole. Now. Disappear.

8.   Giving presents to men. Why don't they ever seem overwhelmed and impressed with the gifts you have given to them? They utter a few words along with a thank you and that's it.

9.   Trying to purchase a birthday card for a man. Not ALL men are into football and beer, so why decorate all uncle, dads, brothers and nephews cards with them? Oh, and once you are a Grandad then clearly you love sailing and sheds what with all the yachts and wooden huts adorning your birthday cards.

10.  Having your birthday so close to Christmas. It can't be nice having to wait twelve months for two of the most special occasions to happen almost simultaneously. I really feel sorry for those born on Christmas Day. Poor beggars.

I am going to be really selfish and give myself a birthday treat here on these very pages.

Get ready to drool…..

david beckham

Yes, I am THAT generous to you.

Yours getting another year older tomorrow,

Teresa xx