Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fashion Disasters - How Many Have You Made?

fashion crime

It would seem almost incredible that for the last 15 months we have never written a NOT INTO THIS post about some of the fashion faux pas which many of us have committed during our lives. So, I'm going to put that right today and share with you some of the fashion disasters I have made as well as some of the style crimes by others too.

1.   Firstly, style goes out the window when it comes to walking my two dogs. I usually walk for at least 3 miles so I need to wear comfortable footwear because as I have learnt you get some massive blisters if you don't dress accordingly. Most days I will wear my gym gear as I will jog with my dogs or do some power walking. But if I haven't got time to get changed then I simply put on my socks and running shoes and off I go. Yep doesn't matter what clothes I am wearing, my outfit will be worn with my Brooks trainers and white socks. Trainers don't look good with trenchcoats.

2.   On Wednesday I committed a stupid fashion crime. I went out running in my husband's training shorts because I couldn't find mine. Not only did they look hideous but as soon as I returned home I soon realised that mens shorts are designed differently to womens. Out came the Sudocrem to soothe the chafing. 

3.   I have quite pale skin and I am not one to sunbathe or cook myself at a tanning salon, thank goodness! During my teens I was at times bothered about my glow in the dark legs so I would buy some dreadful nude coloured tights to give my legs a bit of colour during the summer months. Yes, I was that saddo who wore 15 denier tights on a hot sunny day.

4.   Last summer I spent a weekend in London with my parents, unfortunately it happened to be the hottest weekend of the year. I bought myself a lovely sundress to wear but my figure wasn't in it's best shape. So even though it was 31c outside I donned my Spanx underneath my dress to mask any bulges. Yes I was one very sweaty betty. And I wore a new pair of sandals too, blisters!

5.   I was a very rebellious tomboy teenager. I still am, I suppose, but better tamed now I am in my thirties. Anyway, I can remember buying a rather pricey Karen Savage t-shirt which had the most dreadful print on the front of it. A woman's hand, accessorised with diamond rings and red polished long nails doing the V sign. I wore it a lot.

6.   This is a massive confession, I had my tongue pierced during my teens. I didn't keep it for long but felt it necessary to push the boundaries of my teenage rebellion. I think I definitely succeeded in doing so. 

7.   One thing I cannot abide is those fluffy jackets which have wolves on them. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to them where people upload the latest pics of others wearing them.

8.   Ladies who wear bras which are too small for their boobs to fit in. Double boobage is not a good look. It looks horrendous when the back strap of your bra is reaching up towards your shoulders instead of sitting comfortably across your back in a straight line.

9.   Sometimes it's not what you're wearing but what you're NOT wearing. I cannot stand to see girls shivering in winter wearing their new outfit without a coat because they think the coat will ruin their look. Here's a lesson for you: in winter dress for winter, keep your skimpy summer frocks for summer. It's that easy.

10.  Biggest fashion crime that one can commit is wearing matching tops or coats with your husband/boyfriend/partner. Don't do it. It's wrong on so many levels.

howard and hilda
Did you watch Ever Decreasing Circles back in the late 80s? Howard and Hilda loved to wear matching knitwear. 

Are you brave enough to share some of your wardrobe secrets? I'd love to hear what weird items you have worn.

Teresa x