Tuesday, 2 April 2013

NOT INTO THIS - 90s Fashion On The High Street

It has been a while since I have had a moan but something has been bugging me of late - the high street and their take on 90s fashion.

Now if you're not familiar with NOT into this, then let me quickly explain what it is all about. This website is all about all the things we are coveting and craving right now, but to balance things up then we feel it is only right to let you know what we are NOT into.

And this week, I am going to get things off my chest regarding the high street stores assuming we all wish to dress like Rihanna or Rita Ora. Do they honestly want every woman on the high street to look like an extra for Little Mix?

crop top
ASOS Crop Top, £14

Firstly, lets take a closer look at 90s fashion, the well papped ladies back then were the Spice Girls, Zoe Ball, Denise Van Outen and Nicole Appleton (All Saints) and there were some ghastly fashion faux pas. The majority of ladies wore casual clothing to fit in with their "ladette" outlook on life and the only girly accessory the ladies wore was a choker thing around their necks.

Our idols back then were Blur, Oasis, Spice Girls and Take That, everyone fancied Robbie Williams, although I had bit of a thing for Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. There was a definite girl power phenomena back then and the high street fashion was definitely more wearable. I cannot say it was particularly stylish, especially when ladies copied Bjork's hairdo; but it was simple, practical and fun to wear.

There's nothing wrong with the way the popstars of today dress but it is wrong when this is all our high street stores has to offer. Seriously not all of us can wear a crop top or a cutout dress as we totter around Sainsburys doing our weekly food shop. In fact, when can you wear a cutout dress unless you have the body of a supermodel.

mini bodycon dress
TOPSHOP Crop Top Mini Bodycon Dress, £26

It isn't just crop tops, it's all the other revealing tops and dresses. What happened to everyday wear? I am a huge fan of my shirts and skinnies, I am all for the androgynous style but if you're over 25 years of age you're gonna look a bit daft wearing Dr Martens with a vintage pair of dungarees. 

It would be ever so easy for me to fall into the clutches of Boden and dress like the 'yummy mummy' brigade but it aint gonna happen. No way José! So where do I shop? I don't want to look like a Little Mix wannabe but I don't want to be a plain Jane either.

Zara used to be my salvation, but for some strange reason they have gone a bit off track. & Other Stories launched a few weeks ago and we got so excited about this new brand coming to our fashion rescue. They sold everything we had been yearning for! But sadly we were left very disappointed with the quality of their clothes and poor customer service.

You would think with all the clothes from New Look to Netaporter that we get to drool over every week that we would know the answer to our daily quest when facing our wardrobes - what can I wear today? Where can I buy something which is suitable for my age and my style which doesn't make me bankrupt? Answers on a postcard please……

In the meantime we will be wearing our wooly jumpers and skinnies (again) until these freezing temperatures disappear.

Yours not-loving-90s-fashion

Teresa xx

P.S  And by the way High Street stores, I was a teenager throughout the 90s and I cannot remember anyone wearing cutout dresses. Please put them in the bin, thanks.