Sunday, 7 April 2013

NOT INTO THIS - This Week's Top 10 Gripes

1.   When people (men) put things back in the cupboard when the container is empty. More often than not this will be cereal boxes, milk cartons and tomato ketchup.

2.   Driving a car with automatic gearbox when you have driven cars with manual gearboxes for the last 14 years. What do you do with your redundant left foot?

3.   Trying to eat healthily but you still have lots of chocolate Easter eggs to consume. Hide the bathroom scales!

4.   Having your haircut and nobody notices. What's the point in shelling out all that money on a cut and blow-dry if it's going to go unnoticed?

5.   When you are choosing a new perfume and after smelling two of them they all smell the same and it's impossible to know which one you truly like.

6.   Wishing that you were still under the age of 25 when you didn't have a care in the world and were in your prime.

7.   Losing one of your earrings, this seems to happen to me a lot. I quite often walk around with only one earring in.

8.   Bumping into a friend you've not seen for many years and you haven't got much to say to them. So awkward.

9.   Trying to open a pack of sugar or weetabix without grains of sugar or weetabix crumbs falling everywhere. Impossible!

10.  When people put their rubbish out on the wrong day/week and think it's acceptable to leave it out and allow it to be strewn around the street when then first gust of wind comes along.

….and finally, I would like to draw your attention to this pic below which I spotted on Pinterest a few days ago. Listen up North Korea: innocent people get hurt and killed, what is the point?